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Sergei had such a disarming smile, it was hard not to trust someone who looked like a Russian ST Nicholas. Are you sure? Boone said, incredulous at both the inexpensive price and Sergei's contempt for the authorities. You can buy such things at this time of night on a holiday. I'm so friggin lutely. Sergei, do this with custom numbnuts all time. Also have buddies who get anything any time. They're curious. I said, Just stand still, Don't move or make any noise and after a bit, they'll lose interest and wander off. How do you know you ever seen anything like them before? No, I admitted. But I worked on a dairy farm when I was a young fella 30 40 years ago. The behavior seems similar. That's why I wired for you, she said. With decision. He turned to look at her. The ugly, lined, enigmatic a Lfa ace was alive with excitement. There was the glow of genuine enthusiasm, rounded like a halo. The eyes shone. Thanks, Aunt Julia, he said politely. Thanks awfully. I should not dare to go quite alone, she went on, raising her voice. But with you, I should enjoy it immensely. You're afraid of nothing. I know a good many of the forest people claim that old Mr Crowe was an outlaw. They said he was always roving about robbing farmer green of his corn and his chickens and digging up the potatoes when they shot their sprouts above the surface of the potato patch. And everybody was aware that the old gentleman stole eggs from the nests of his smaller neighbours. It was even whispered that Mr Crowe had been known to devour baby robins. I guess nobody wants to test them. Swords of years. Never seen you using that. They talk really respectful about them swords. They do. And I suppose never as figures. He owes you something for saving his Kony's in that valley. But he'll get over that really quick. He can be a son of a *****. Take my word. Why? If he wasn't so short on riders right now, Jocko shook his head gravely and made a slashing gesture across his throat.