Character Reel

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A variety of characters from past projects.

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welcome my character gig. I could be downtown Abbey posh like this or EastEnders. Streetwise like this. I have seen a deep space Artificial Intelligence Companion, a BBC radio four presenter and even Ronald Weasley is mother. Here is some examples My storey seems a fairytale I was singing in the bar. A producer. My, my Certainly. I'm always interested in a good deal. Steady on boys. Be sure what's o'clock out before you leave. Where are the Children's books, please? Over there on the lower shelf. Don't look so surprised. Have you never seen a talking our before? Precious? We can't know till we find the nasty creature and squeezes it Hand low Downing's come into my Web Welcome on board this flying score off life 39 to repaint the whole floor pink because I didn't like green walls. You know what they did? It