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what would happen if our moon suddenly disappeared. Sea currents shift on Global Tsunamis decimate coastlines around the world. Eventually, Earth's axis tilts wildly, turning the poles into tropical jungles and the equator into frigid wastelands. The moon is a barren, lifeless rock, but it plays a surprisingly important role in the storey of life on earth. How important? Let's remove it from the sky and find out. Strange things start to happen almost immediately. As the moon orbits around us, it's mass tugs our oceans towards it, causing a tidal bulge on the side of the planet. Nearest the moon, the water rushes towards the gravity of the sun in a massive global tsunami. This year, the House of Windsor celebrates 100 years on the British throne there, now the most famous royal family in the world, and have prospered while other great dynasties have fallen. They've seen their relatives overthrown, murdered and exiled, overcome family feuds, fire and betrayal. And they have always followed one crucial rule. Survive whatever it takes. Whatever the cost, the wind has learned the dark art of survival in the days of war A century ago, they've never forgotten. We've combed through letters, diaries, government memos, confidential royal reports and for the first time, cameras have been allowed into the queen's personal family archives at Windsor. What we found rips aside the mask of royal pomp to reveal the human frailties and the secrets of the family that built Britain's most powerful dynasty.