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There's a stigma around rescue dogs that they're damaged goods that they've been abused and are therefore more likely to get violent, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Nearly all rescues are simply dogs whose owners gave them away and they make wonderful pets, adding love to whatever home they enter. At first glance, Narwhals seem like mythical creatures, so called unicorns of the sea, but they're very real and extremely interesting. Narwhals are the only whales with horns. They developed these protruding tusks millions of years ago as a tool for sensing slight changes in their environment, a key instrument in their survival. It's easy to make tomato soup, not so easy to make a great one, but let's try, shall we? The secret to a great tomato soup is in guess what? The tomatoes? Fresh plum aroma. Tomatoes are a nice choice, as they have the richest flavor when roasted, they say new york is the crossroads of the world. But Sedona feels like the crossroads of different dimensions. The vibes here are next level with landscapes that feel like they're pulled from a dream and a cultural scene that borders on the surreal