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PanZura Freedom 8

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Corporate narration for tech company

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Digital transformation is driving data growth and rapid multi cloud adoption, 90% of all data that has ever existed has been created in the last two years and 80% of this is unstructured file data copies upon copies and islands upon islands are leading to an explosion free yourself from this impending disaster with Freedom eight multi cloud file services and experience the power of one one global cloud file system. All your data in a single source of truth. You will achieve up to a 70% savings on data file management by eliminating copy data, sprawl and data islands. One global experience. As your files are ingested into the pans or a global file system. All metadata is replicated to the intelligent edge, creating a single global name space. Together with high performance cashing, you can now deliver one globally consistent experience for all your users and applications connecting from anywhere with limitless scale one collaborative team by simply adding Pandora's real time global file locking. You can bring disconnected individuals together as one collaborative team worldwide without conflict whether you're designing a skyscraper, an amusement park or a major motion picture, your teams will realize dramatic increase in productivity and on time delivery. One vision of data. The average 1000 person company spends $2.5 million a year searching for data with Pandora power of one and vision Ai. You can quickly search and find any data. You can analyze data patterns across customers, I. T. Operations and security threats. You can also control where your data lives meeting stringent compliance and data regulations. One bottom line result of improved profitability Experience the power of one one global cloud file system, one Global Experience, one collaborative team, one vision of data and one bottom line with Pandora Freedom eight, the multi cloud file service platform.