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Samples from 3 Audiobooks I narrated. Kids nonfiction, Fantasy, Informative Nonfiction

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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but I couldn't wait to bring you the good news. What is he talking about? Whatever it doesn't matter. Just keep him talking till Albert gets here then he's not your problem anymore. Selene gulped and closed her eyes. And what is this news? Quint leaned in uncomfortably close and Selene could smell garlic in his breath. You're going to marry me soon. The truck outside rumbles off and there's a knock at the door hide. We say giggling just like we always do but our mothers see us before we can slip away. Time to go. Mommy says Evelyn and I hold hands in that wide empty space. We lean back and start to spin in circles faster and faster until everything's a blur PSy OpS missions were first placed under the control of the american expeditionary force military intelligence branch but were soon incorporated into the newly formed Office of War Information which lasted for only three years before being dissolved one month after the dropping of the atomic bombs during World War two. And the Office of Strategic Services O. S. S. Which was the predecessor to the U. S. Central Intelligence agency CIA. These two organizations helped to form the current structure of PSy OPs missions which are broken into three categories