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Child-like Fairy Tale and Fantasy Narration

Voice Over • Audiobooks


A short audiobook narration in a \"childlike\" voice for fairy tales, small children, fantasy

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Voice Age

Child (5-12)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
I may disappear soon in case I do. I want to write down everything I know about the dark fairy. Hopefully this will help you. I realize you may not be a fairy or even know what fairies are. So I'll give you a brief background on us first, before the darkness, A large community of us lived in a mystical village. We fairies displayed the most brilliant colors from vivid green hair to radiant purple wings. We loved colors like dogs, love attention, colors made our world come alive. We used colors and imagery as a way of expressing ourselves. Just like I couldn't fully explain what the color blue looks like to you. In words, we cannot fully express our feelings without the use of colors, tastes, smells and sounds while our bodies enjoyed an abundance of color. The land around us was mostly dull greens and browns, although we could fly and cast a handful of spells, we could not modify nature to enhance our land, at least not on our own. Fortunately for us, there existed a special dust that allowed us to temporarily enhance our environment in ways our own magical abilities did not allow. This dust was found across the land, floating gently over the ground, glittering in the air, whether under the midday sun or in the depth of night. When a fairy discovered dust, she or he could use it to enrich the land painting the grasses and vibrant shades of green or nurturing flowers that filled the air with invigorating fragrances. Dust provoked surges of excitement throughout the village, but it was limited for two reasons. One, the effects of dust were temporary. So whatever we created would slowly revert back to how it had been before two. Shortly after a cluster of dust was distributed, the unused dust scattered and dissolved, so it had to be used. As soon as it was found in short dust created short spurts of joy rather than anything we could depend or rely on. Occasionally, we would discover a huge cloud of dust that one of us couldn't use by ourselves. So we would gather our friends and family to celebrate. We called the celebrations Latinas. Some theories use dust to create exotic gardens full of brilliant hues and titillating aromas. Others created burbling streams while still others would die. The green grass, all the colors of the rainbow shaping and cultivating it to form intricate patterns of art. Each of us had our specialty and our personal passion when it came to using dust. One thing we all shared in common, however, was our love for Latinas as they were a great opportunity for everyone to have fun and unwind