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the videos on this countdown were all picked by you. The viewer. Why? Because you demanded them. This is your demanded tapped in now on Music Choice Brought to you by singular. Now the new A T and T 10. Christina Aguilera and nine T Pain featuring Yung Joc. Buy you a drink after the game. Girlfriend. Seven. Diddy featuring Keisha Call Last night. Gym class heroes. Cute kids Choke Coming up is the ones to watch where you get to choose which video makes it to the next demanded top 10 ones to watch. Here's your chance to get one of these two videos onto the demanded top 10 chart. Just text vote to 7777 from your Cingular phone to vote for Paul Wall teachings. Your main Dupri I'm throwed or bowling for soup When we die, the video with the most texted votes will be added on to your next demanded top 10 5 Lincoln Park. What I've done for Men's Thistle is why I'm hot. Three. Beyond Featuring Jay Z Upgrade, R. Kelly Featuring T I and T Pain. I'm a flirt one. Hilary Duff With love. Make sure to keep demanding your favorite videos and watch the next episode to see if they make it to your next demanded top 10 Onley on music Choice brought to you by singular now the new AT and T.