Education 2018



Rhyme written and recorded by D.M. McGowan

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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education. They taught us many things in school and some of us were fine at following the words and rules along a designated line. A few were branded trouble when they left the proven trail and pop the system bubble when they just refused to fail. If you do exactly what we say, you're sure to get an A though. You may not learn very much to help you through the day, but you'll get the all important grade and be every politician's dupe for if you follow where your lead, you'll think they speak the truth. What many didn't see both students and the staff. It isn't learning simple facts but how to love and laugh. Edison curry gates and Einstein, They all had imagination. They didn't follow another's path or stay locked within their station. Sure there is knowledge we all need in writing, science and math. Some we need more than others, depending on our chosen path. And if you intend to just get along to do only as you're told, what need for any new idea, what need to be so bold. But if you intend to make a mark to be a gates or jobs or was you'll need some imagination to be anywhere near the top. How do you exercise imagination? Build its strength and survival, understand poetry, fiction and music to rise above any rival