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David George performs in a grandfatherly voice with a reindeer character too!

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David George. It was the night after Christmas, and Santa was pooped after a busy Christmas season. Hannes Reindeer had made their deliveries, The elves had cleaned up the workshop, and everyone deserved arrest. Santa was just getting into bed when he heard a tap at his door. Who could it be? He'd already sent the elves and reindeer home to visit their families, and Mrs Claus was visiting a cousin in the South Pole. Santa considered ignoring the tapping, but then blitz and stuck his head around the doorway. Sandra Whitson said, We've got the Christmas emergency. Letson always seem to dawdle every year after Christmas. Santa loved him all the same, but sometimes he wish Blitzen would just go home. But to Blitzen, the pole was home Well. We had reindeer family to visit like all the rest. But when he was a hole, he only dreamed of returning to work with Santa the next year. At Christmas this year, as usual, Blitzen had been saying a fond farewell to Santa's workshop when something caught his eye