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Nelson believes he knows the perfect spot. There's a lot of gold here, guys, but the crew will have to track to an altitude of 12,000 feet more than two miles above sea level. Todd needs a good man to prove to his crew. It's worth trekking to Nelson's remote claims. Feast your eyes on the deep fried snack that's whipping up quite a storm measuring just over a foot long. Tornado fries could be enjoyed sweet or salty, and this food truck by the sea swirls out hundreds of them each day coming up, we're going to check out how they're made. When a woman in Austin, Texas, disappeared without a trace, evidence led police to believe there were two possible explanations. Kidnapping or murder. The few clues we did have there at the house became very crucial. After careful investigation, police were able to link the crime to a single suspect. Panda bears are some of the most loved and yet most elusive animals on Earth. They are the smallest newborn mammals, weighing only 3 to 5 ounces. Baby pandas imitate their mother's behavior, including walking, climbing trees and eating bamboo, and by age two they leave their mothers and begin lives on their own. Trooper Collins races to the scene of a head on collision between a motorcycle and a semi on one of Alaska's deadliest roadways. A group of bikers were traveling in the south down lanes when one of them swerved to avoid a collision where she goes flying off after she ends up right there. Situation looks grim as Trooper Collins prepares for the worst and shuts down the highway.