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what makes a community. It's more than a place on a map. It's about people and about pride. Community is what we create when neighbors take care of neighbors when strangers stepped forward to help those in need when we all commit to moving forward together. Nearly 100 years ago, the Sisters of the Third Order of ST Francis made a home in just such a community. They established a hospital here and nurtured it and with the support of generations of families, caregivers, leaders and friends, they built that hospital into a community cornerstone, one that touches lives across our region in ways expected and unexpected. Today you'll find us in treatment rooms and living rooms, emergency departments and fire departments, test kitchens and family kitchens, patient rooms and classrooms. You'll find us building and innovating, learning and teaching, extending our reach and investing for tomorrow. Also, we can continue to serve with the greatest care and love. That is our gift to this community we call home, and to the people here we call family. It is a gift of health, a gift of hope, a gift of life, and it is a gift we're all responsible for nurturing together