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Professional voice over demo. Approachable, emotional.

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Middle Aged (35-54)




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it takes courage to chase a dream. That's why we need the pioneers unsatisfied with the status quo. Bold and fearless innovators who believe talking is one thing. Achieving is another. Think bold. Think U of C yourself going barefoot wearing silk pyjamas. See yourself moving to the rhythm of a 290 horsepower V eight. See yourself driving the new Jaguar X J. Siri's. It's weird, but when people ask me about my hobbies, I always seem to forget about reading. Sure, I love my sports and movies, but there's nothing like a good book. That's why I was so happy when my wife bought me my new Kindle paperwhite for my birthday. 160 years of passion O for that one moment of yours, then door truffles from Linde. We're inspired by people who were tirelessly in pursuit of goals that may seem impossible to everyone but them. It's why we're passionate about creating software that helps them realise those grand ambitions, your potential, our passion. Do it now do it to you can't do it anymore. Do it without any long term commitment. Subscribe