A reading of an original short monologue titled \"A Message from Your Fears\"

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I wrote a brief monologue to serve as an introduction to a collection of short stories. I narrated and edited a video of this for YouTube, which uses a version of my narration that is heavily distorted with effects and a slight pitch change. This, however, is a standard narration without vocal effects or pitch changes.

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a little friend. It's me, the electricity in your nerves, the pit in your stomach, the thing that crawls into the back of your mind late at night and stays there invading your thoughts, destroying your prayers. I am that creeping sensation you feel when you're alone, that tingling on the back of your neck when you might not be so loan. After all, I have the thing you may or may not have seen out of the corner of your eye while you were lying on your couch watching a movie. Just a flicker from passing headlights. You told yourself. But there were no cars. I am the sound in the middle of the night that you convince yourself is just the house settling. Keep telling yourself it's just year old house. Let me tell you something, friend. Last time you heard that bump in the night, would you still have been able to tell yourself that it was just the house settling? If you'd gotten up, walk down the hall and turn to your right to face your pantry, or rather, what was staying in front of your pantry. You might also know me as that chill you felt down your neck when you walk past your mirror the other night and caught a quick glimpse of your reflection when you couldn't quite put a finger on it. But something didn't feel right about the way you looked in that mirror. Well, you moved the colors of your eyes. Just a trick of the lights. You said Be glad you only card. Just a quick glimpse. Be glad you didn't look again. I am the disconcerting feeling you had when you saw that man putting on clown makeup in the empty church parking lot off the boulevard three weeks ago at midnight He saw you, too. You can go about your day But now that I'm here No, no, We're here in the shadows, in the dark, In your house, In your mind, waiting We will always be waiting