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He comes straight from the dark heart of the republican hate machine scott. Perry supports police brutality and scott. Perry marches in lockstep with every bigoted, harmful idea from president trump china needs to be reined in this. President is the only one willing to admit that and do something about it on election Day kick scott Perry out of Congress. Amy McGrath represents the progressive future Kentucky ins demand I'm somebody who wants to go bring a voice to everyday Kentucky ins to Washington. She believes black lives matter because there has been massive racial injustice in this country for far too long and will work to uphold common sense laws that will preserve the health of our state. This november elect Amy McGrath to the United States Senate. The republicans are bound and determined to eliminate a woman's right to choose. I don't want a bunch of old white dudes regulating my body. If you think the government should keep its hands off women's bodies visit democrats dot org and find out how you can help. Do you believe this guy? If he talks like an idiot, votes like an idiot and lies like an idiot. He's probably an idiot. Jim Jordan doesn't leave much room for doubt. He can't say two sentences without demonstrating his ignorance of science. The law in the constitution. Jim Jordan's voting record makes him fit for a dunce cap, supporting every half cocked GOP policy you can think of. Come on. Ohio isn't it? Time we ditch this dummy paid for by left pack. No