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title food chain food gives us energy. The sun is a basic source of energy. The sun gives us heat and light. All living things get energy from their food the way in which all living things are linked together. Buy their food is called a food chain. R 14 shows that are living things depend upon each other. The plant prepares food in the sunlight. The goat eats grass and finally line eat God. There are four main parts of food chain. Number one, The Sun. Number two producers. Number two consumers. Number four. HDI composers # one Details The Sun. The sun is most important for food jeans because it gives energy took plants to make their own food. Number two producers, plants can make their own food. That's why they are called producers. The process by which plants make their own food by using sunlight is called photo synthesis. If someone is the producer, he will get energy from the plant. Number three detailed consumers. Animals cannot make their own food. That's why there are called consumers. There are three groups of consumers. Number one Harvey was number two. Carnivals number three omnibus To tail off, number one hard weevils the animals that eat only plants or call harvey balls, goals horses dear. And their brows are some examples of harvey balls. Number two conv evers. Carnivals, the animals that eat only meat or called Connie was wolves leopards. Lines and polar bears are some example of carnivals. Number three only was details the animals that eat both plants and meat. Our guard omnibus close, they're all stars and four months. Ah some examples of omni verse Number four, the composer details fungi and bacteria are called. The composers. We cannot see bacteria and funky with naked eyes. We use a microscope to see fungi and bacteria The Breakup two dead bodies of animals and plants. They eat dead plants and animals. Mhm.