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This is the acknowledgement made by Mr. John Gray the writer of the book \" Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus\". He has thanked to all his family members who continue their support for his books ans seminars he made. Thanking his wife for sharing there love experiences and making him change his point of view for women, which people now a days think is impossible to understand a women.

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attacking my wife, Bony, for sharing the journey off, developing this book with me, a tanker for allowing me to share our stories, especially for expanding my understanding and ability to honor the female point off you a tank of three daughters shin on Julie and Jordan for the continued love on a dissolution. The challenge of being Abedin has allowed me to understand the struggles my patrons had and loved them even more, being a father has specially assisted me in understanding and loving my father. I thank my father and mother for the loving effort to raise a family off seven Children, attacking my oldest brother, David, for understanding my feelings and admiring my words. I turned my brother William for more, debating me from higher achievement a time my brother Robert. For all the long and interesting conversations we had until dawn and for his brilliant ideas from which I always benefit, I time my brother Tom for his encouragement and positive spirit. I thank my sister Virginia, for believing in me and appreciating met seminal. I thank my deceased younger brother Jimmy for his love and admiration which continue to support me through my difficult times