Santa Claus samples

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Three different Santa characters for the Santa in your projects

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Santa George Robinson. Oh, it's time to read some letters from the Children. Let's see Johnny. Right, dear Santa. Oh, I love you more than anything in the world or sweet. Could I please have a baseball bat more? I sure. And have the elves drive some 18 inch nails in the end of 17. Should do what? Expect another letter. Dear Santa, you are my favorite in the world. Or that's so sweet. Could I have an M 16 with a grenade launcher? What? Let's check another letter. Hi, this is Elvis here at the North Pole, talking with the Big s Man, the big Essman. Oh, big s. You know, you fall for that one every year. 00 you like your job at the North Pole? Yes, sir. Doing that happen again, sir? I'm We're here to talk about the good toys that kids want. Oh ho, Santa Santa for Christmas. I don't shoot your eye out. What? Yeah, You're gonna ask for the Red River, Daisy. Whatever, BB. Whatever. Gunning your shoot your eye out. I wanted a Ford Mustang. Oh, boy. Who doesn't want one of those? Next kid. Oh, you don't need to rely on Santa Claus for a new Ford Mustang.