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As the sun travels through the galaxy, the solar wind charged particles streaming from the sun collides with interstellar gases, forming a cocoon around the solar system called the heliosphere. The edge of this cocoon, the Helio pause, lies more than nine billion miles from the sun. The Voyager spacecrafts were the first to reach these outer boundaries, and they gave us very localized information. But I backs now allows us to pull back and finally show us its global properties. The topic of recovery is contentious as it depends on your definition. Ecosystems are dynamic ever changing with natural cycles and variability. As time passes, distinguishing cause and effect from the oil spill becomes increasingly difficult. It was determined that purchasing land was a more effective way to help recovery than the millions of dollars that were dedicated to attempting to clean oiled animals. Howler monkeys are some of Costa Rica's loudest inhabitants. It said that the call of a howler monkey can be heard for 3 to 4 miles, even through the thick tropical forest, howlers lived in small groups of about 12 individuals. Scientists believe that the dominant male of the group uses his loud voice to keep the group spaced out enough so they don't have to compete for food