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A sample of the range of animated voices I can do.

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Ah! This is such a drag. Why do I have to come along on this adventure? I just wanted to stay home, jeez! All right! All right, Ancient. But goes running his mouth off and I get dragged along with him. Uh, Prince Fajita, always the arrogant one. Always. So foolish as it never depend upon your superiors. Goku! You're about to witness your dear friend become blessed into oblivion. Come boy drank the potion, melt your insides. The Master says that if I perfect his chemistry, well, let me leave sweet sweet sunshine at long last become wine with the aesthetic fluid. Mm You losers need to move. Get out of my way. I've got important business to take care of. Khyber Corp has been entrusted to me. I'll be taking control from here. Yugi. I'll be taking your grandfather's card and your soul. I'll send you to the Shadow Realm. Since they. Oh, no, no, no. What is the sword? It's got my family's crest on it. This must be my father's sword. Well, what is it doing out here, buried amongst the dirt and mud. I'll take it with me. I can use it to exterminate the demons and save the village. Uh huh. Come now, boy, come meet your fate. I will scratch you into tiny little pieces and pick out your eyes. All right, All right. I found the way in boys ransacked the place, search the draws the cabinets, even under the mattress. If you have to, we're gonna find that gold and get it back to the boss. All right, You guys are ****** off the wrong man. Today, you see, I was sitting here enjoying a fine meal all to myself and then you came in and ruined that. So now I'm gonna chop your heads off grandson. Stay and listen to a tail. It is a tale of tragedy, but also a tale of hope. It has been passed through our family generation by generation, and I hope that one day you too may recount this tale for your kin as well. Darkness is the way of things surrender while you still can. I just may allow you to join us and this new world order, there can be no in between. There is only darkness. Darkness reigns. Supreme. Darkness within darkness awaits you. It is all there will ever be.