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With a vast selection of educational materials that I helped develop, it was difficult to pick a few that demonstrated the different feelings that I'm able to perform.

It's very important to me, as a trained educator, to cater my performance to the audience, to maximize informational retention. However, a common ground in educational voice overs is that they *must* be engaging, and conversational without being too boring. These three examples (separated by tones) all demonstrate my conversational style

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have you ever heard the phrase a picture is worth 1000 words In science writing. That adage may actually be true. Tables and figures are powerful tools to convey scientific information. If organized properly, a table can concisely convey large amounts of information. In my first video, I shared a couple of stories for my own Spanish learning journey and the obstacles and wrong mindsets I had to overcome. As I learned the language, I talked about how learning Spanish doesn't require a special talent or language learning. Jeanne, speaking Spanish, is a skill that has to be developed over time, much like learning how to ride a bike. Congratulations on finishing the exercise. This exercise is based on one of the most popular and widely used personality assessments around the world. Your responses helped us understand the key aspects of your personality. In other words, your personality type