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Children's Audiobook Narration

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A clip from a children's audiobook

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jake. The ape makes a lot of mistakes by heather. Lynn, Davis Jake woke up and stretched today was going to be a good day. He could feel it in class. Mrs Mouse was teaching Math. She asked jake to come up and answer the math problem. Oh no, thought jake. What if I get the answer wrong? Jake didn't want the other students to see him use his counting blocks so he tried to do the math problem without them. That's not quite right, said mrs Mouse, why don't you try again? Jake's heart was beating fast, but he stopped, took a deep breath and tried again. This time he used his blocks to check his answer when he was sure he knew the answer, he wrote it on the board. That's right, said Mrs Mouse. Jake smiled that night at bedtime. Jake's dad came in to tuck him in. How was your day today? He asked, Jake started to cry. It was a terrible day. I made so many mistakes and now I'm worried about making even more mistakes. Tomorrow, Jake's dad gave him a big hug and said softly, I'm glad you made mistakes today. Sniffling, Jake looked up. Really why? He asked, because that's how we learn. His dad said, can you tell me what you learned today? Jake thought back to his day. He thought about his trouble buttoning his shirt and the jam that fell on the table. He remembered how good he felt when he threw a ball the right way and how excited he felt to play catch with his friends again tomorrow. He thought about all of the other mistakes he made that day. But this time he didn't feel sad or embarrassed. I learned to button my shirt, put jam on my bread, throw a ball, do a math problem, try again when I can't do something right. The first time, admit when I made a mistake, ask for help when I need it and apologize when I do something wrong, Jake said his dad smiled at Jake and hugged him again. It sounds like you had a pretty good day. After all I did said Jake. You know what, I hope I make a lot of mistakes tomorrow too.