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When people are unsure about what to do, they often do nothing. But when it comes to your health care, waiting or not doing anything isn't the best idea. That's why Indiana Regional Medical Center is open and ready to care for you. So if you're having chest pains or any symptoms that should be looked at by a medical professional, come in. Don't wait. You'll be safe here. And if you're still unsure if a visit is right, call us and we'll let you know the future of supply. Chain efficiency brings connection between marine terminals and intermodal rail, with full integration of planning and data systems to achieve end to end visibility and control. It's time to bring maximum efficiency across the supply chain, and Navis has the proven tools, processes and experience to get you there in 1998 way set out to change in industry 17 years later, we have automotive dealerships meet the needs of their customers with our technology, speed, accuracy, convenience, choice way love what we dio way never stopped trying way. Never stop learning way work hard to do great things