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From believable, sincere spokesperson to wacky Martian action figure, Neil Intraub has range - smooth & authoritative to the eccentric guy next door, Neil listens well and finetunes his delivery to the client's satisfaction.

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the dream of a world without disease. They dream of a wireless world where information flows effortlessly, where cutting edge electron ICS worked flawlessly. These air not the dreams of the timid there, the dreams of giants and agile. It is providing technologies to help make them a reality faster than ever. I wrote three checks that were about to hit the ground at 90 MPH. Was I scared that they would bounce? No. Because my bank told me not to worry that my overdraft protection would be approved and would kick in on time. Well, it didn't butt ugly Martians action figures invading a toy store near you, each sold separately. New from Hasbro. Let's scatter. Look, honey, I told you, I'll take the garbage out after the game and that's final. Okay, my neighbor wants to build a tree house for his kid. Now I'm pretty good with my hands and he has no clue. So I offered to help. He doesn't even look at me. The snob. He's probably still miffed that I blew up his engine. It was an honest mistake. So I say, Jerry, come on, let me show you how to build a tree house. He just looks at me and says, I have two words for you Home Depot, Satellite TV. I have enough trouble choosing which network toe watch Now, with over 100 channels, movies on demand, premier sports, local stations. I'm switching back and forth like a ping pong ball, and I love it.