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\"Marine General from the Ranks, the life of LtGen Homer L Litzenberg Jr\" written by Brian J Dickerson.

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North Korea November 1950. As november 1950 came to a close. The marines and detached sailors of the 5th and 7th regiments. First Marine Division were surrounded and heavily engaged by two chinese communist divisions in the vicinity of the north korean town of you Dominy near Chosen Reservoir, Another Chinese division had cut their main supply route and was attempting to capture the vital Teton pass held by Fox Company, 7th Marines. The rest of 1st Marine Division was farther south and beyond supporting distance altogether. Some 12 chinese Communist divisions were encircling the entire First Marine Division and a nearby task force of the U. S Army's Seventh Infantry Division, extricating themselves from this trap and breaking out to escape. Utter annihilation would require immense quantities of courage and fortitude, prodigious firepower, tactical proficiency and strong leadership at all levels of the chain of command. Fortunately for the marines, much of that strong leadership was provided by the commander of the seventh Marine Regiment. Colonel Homer L Lichtenberg, junior in the annals of U. S. Marine Corps history. The First Marine Division's breakout from the Chinese Communist trap around the chosen reservoir during the korean war stands out as one of the cores great battlefield achievements. As commander of the 7th Marines, Col Ligtenberg played a crucial role in that epic feat of arms. While he is most often remembered for his leadership in the chosen campaign. This campaign was the culmination of a long distinguished career that included combat service in Haiti Nicaragua North africa and the pacific as well as in Korea