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a very fine house, A mother's story of love, faith and crystal Meth by Barbara coffer stuff in if you've picked up this book, it's likely because you love an addict, You're undoubtedly suffering. I know because I've been there, I felt your despair, your feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, the grief we all fear. Several excellent books have been written by parents who have chronicled their journey through a child's addiction and I recommend them all by adding my story to the others. I hope to share not just what happened, but also what I learned and what helped me to cope and see my way to safety. Many friends have referred their friends and relatives to me. People who seek some nugget of wisdom for their own journey. I hope that by writing my story, I can be a validating voice to your experience, possibly even giving you permission to think and say things you may not yet have dared to acknowledge. I also want to offer you hope that recovery is indeed possible, not only for your loved one, but for yourself as well, addiction in the family will change you. You can allow the change to consume and damage you or you can embrace the lessons that life now presents. Perhaps you will not just survive but actually flourish and hopefully forgive. I am sharing our story with my daughter's permission and blessing everything I've written is true, including the dialogue which is accurate to the best of my recollection for the ease of storytelling. A few scenes are composites of more than one event. The names and details of many of the individuals depicted have been changed to protect anonymity, but some are real and have been included with permission. I've heard it said that in every problem there is a gift the many gifts I received along the way have helped carry and sustain me. I now share these gifts with you bookshop by the sea by Denise Hunter. How did that happen so fast? I guess we should have taken that thunder more seriously. She leaned against the block wall and saluted him with her cone. At least we still have our ice cream. His head snapped back toward their table. Cooper's cup still sat on the table in the downpour. His face fell, Katie nudged him. Go get it. It's pretty well flooded now. I think he gave a little pout, Katie's heart softened. Mhm. I'll share mine. But when he turned back to her all thoughts of ice cream flood. Instead, there was only the two of them sequestered behind the curtain of rain. His wet lashes were clumped together, making them impossibly dark in the shadow of the overhang? His eyes were darker too, not a hint of gold floated in that molten brown pool. His breath whispered against her forehead. When had he moved in front of her? When had he gotten so close? She couldn't have looked away if the mayor's house went floating by, the air crackled around them. She couldn't remember how to breathe. He leaned closer, or maybe it was her, but suddenly they were only a breath apart. Their gazes held his smoldering. The long, delicious moment hung between them. A prelude is something that promised to be so much more. He set a hand on the wall beside her. His other hand settled in the curve of her waist. He was giving her time to change her mind, but there was no stopping this. She wanted his mouth on hers more than she wanted her next heartbeat. Mystery of the Marie by Teresa Newton Terrace. I have grappled with where to begin telling this story. Some might argue it began when my father and his friends began scuba diving in the waters off santa barbara. Others might say. The story began when dad and mother took leave from Navy duties to marry and honeymoon at the family's cabin in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. Still others will argue this story began with Pearl Harbor and our nation's transformation to peacetime after World War Two. Or even that The story began with a California cultural history project. For me, the story began the day my eyes scanned the images and artifacts preserved in my grandma's Mia Bella's scrapbook. That moment was like the first light of a new dawn