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Two political spots from opposing sides showcasing a range from caring and concern to frustration and exasperation.

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Katie Hobbs is a leader. Arizona can trust a secretary of state. She fought against donald trump's big lie, making sure the votes were counted fairly and helping joe biden win the presidency. There is absolutely no merit to any claims of widespread voter fraud in Arizona, there's no evidence to back it up. As governor, Katie Hobbs will stand up for your right to vote and will steer Arizona away from the racism and conspiracies of the far right right now. Our state is being led by a group of conspiracy theorists who are just out of touch with everyday arizonans make the easy choice vote. Katie Hobbs for governor. It's just too much property taxes are making it impossible for normal families to stay in New Jersey. Data reveals the average bill climbed above $9000 for the first time ever in state history. We all want to help our schools, but paying $1000 a month to rent back the average New Jersey home from the government is just ridiculous. On Election Day support prop 1 83 it's time to get property taxes under control