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This is my general radio/podcasting work on a daily basis. This is just a bit of the show intro to hear my general radio delivery. It can obviously be adjusted some to fit any of your ad needs.

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bringing you the ag information you need. This is market talk produced by the american ag radio network. Now. Here's your host, jesse Allen and welcome into market talk for this monday november 29th, Great to have you here with us once again as we start off a new week. I'm your host, jesse Allen. Find us online market talk dot com. That is our home on the web Market talk act dot com. That is where you can find us fight all of our social media, all of our streaming sources. There are much more market talk at dot com when we come back in here to start the new week and we have quite a bit of pressure in the markets here in the ag sector, both grains and livestock to talk about. Let's bring out our good friend john Hamburg with total farm marketing to join us to kick off the week and john good afternoon to you sir. And I hope you had a good holiday and a good weekend. Um not not where I think a lot of folks thought this market would be coming off a sharp selloff friday. We come back in here monday and we continue lower despite seeing stock market rally etcetera. So, your initial thoughts after monday's close