La Prairie Internal Training

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Internal company training module for La Prairie luxury skin care.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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I noticed from her body language, she seems quite relaxed and potentially having some time. She has attracted immediately to some specific products, giving me the impression that she knows what she is looking for. Good afternoon. My name is Anna. Welcome again to La Prairie. I see you're looking at the platinum rare cellular life lotion. May I provide you with some information on it? May I ask you a few questions to understand your skin and your wishes. Do you have some time for me to be able to help you find the most appropriate products? Perfect. Just one last thing, if I may, how should I address you? Thank you. Diane. Now, have you used La Prairie products in the past? Perhaps I can suggest a skin discovery where we can learn more about your skin conditions to understand exactly which products are perfectly adapted to your skin. May I invite you to sit down? It should take about 15 minutes. Let's begin your skin discovery. You said your skin is dry but it is actually dehydrated. The difference is that of the balance of oil and water within the skin. Therefore, I would recommend the platinum rare collection as you've already identified yourself. Would you like to feel the texture? Perfect. May I suggest our sensory a product discovery. Would you prefer to try the products on your hand or on your face? Yes, platinum rare really helps to rejuvenate the skin. I'm not sure if you're aware but our origins are linked to the famous La Prairie clinic in Montreux Switzerland. Our products are based on dr paul neons cellular therapy. Science. Yes, exactly. And our scientists are continually discovering new findings and working on new scientific breakthroughs. How are you finding the products? Would you like me to demonstrate our signature application? As I explained, we can note down the products we've used today and how to apply them to fill out your skin consultation and product recommendation cards. Would you like to have your skin consultation and product recommendations placed in your bag or sent to you via email here? You'll find in your bag the platinum rare cellular life lotion, the platinum rare hoat rejuvenation eye cream and the platinum rare holt rejuvenation cream. I would also like to offer you a sample of the white caviar, illuminating pearl infusion which as we discussed will help reduce pigmentation. I have placed an additional information about our brand heritage and science into your bag for you to explore and I would be pleased to invite you for an art of perfection which is a complementary product application that you can experience in the treatment room. Would you like me to call you a taxi? Great, thank you again Diane. And if you have any questions in the meantime you'll find my business card in the bag. Now that I have a moment. I can take note of Diane's preferences to make her experience more customized next time. Very knowledgeable client to contact via email. She likes coffee and chocolate remind to invite her for art of perfection