Furious seas Captain Ruin reveal trailer



A comedic commercial for Future Immersives Furious Seas, Captain ruins reveal trailer. I voiced all characters in this game/trailer accept for the Demon sisters.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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you are. Welcome to furious. Sees this be Captain John the Ruin Avery year, and I have some words. I need you to listen, toe. See that beatus game made about me and me Crew? It's called furious sees Yar. It's Notre fun You put on this fancy hat that covers your eyes and you get the sail around and broke. Okay, your A VR headset. Stay up to date on All furious sees news started available stock to members of me crew ask us questions and wait. I don't want to answer these landlubbers questions. Look, you signed the contract er way last night. I was drunk, always drunk. So it on down to the inter spider webs and come spend some time with spoke your face with us 20 buyer dose Instant gram cracker us are and see if you can take me crimson pile Uh, video. Where did you get that bottle? If you even attempt to take me creams and vile I would say on my crimson Skinner right to your house and murdering a lot. Right? That cutting out there. You like coming over there? Peoria sees coming soon. Catches on Facebook, Twitter and instagram or I'll cut your good Are