I am the narrator for this book written by Dr. Stephanie Pinder-Amaker and Dr. Lauren Wadsworth.

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Chapter one. Inclusive teams are better teams. We are at an inflection point, the timeline of the past few years, a steady drumbeat of a world, unjust birth this book. We were able to write it because we have developed a deep trusting relationship. That relationship has elevated our work to greater levels. We have seen firsthand the benefit of having a diverse team. We know that relationships across difference can transform not only individuals, but also the greater system around them. We believe that by developing a sustaining relationships across difference, like we have, we can build empathy in spaces where stereotypes and bias. Once stood, we developed our relationship using a number of skills that we were taught or that we developed together. We believe those skills can easily translate to all workplaces, educational settings and organizations. Thus we share them with you using real life de identified stories. We identify where things went wrong and provide guidance on what to do next. We believe that by engaging these skills, you can enhance your relationships, create sustainably diverse teams and reduce bias in the workplace and the world. Jamie story. The day was finally here. After years of college courses, networking apprenticeships and dreaming, Jamie a latin X queer woman, studied her reflection in the full length mirror as she straightened her blouse and dawned her suit jacket. She wondered if her attire was feminine enough to meet people's expectations and masculine enough to be taken seriously. Only one interview away from landing her dream internship at a major advertising agency. She arrived early and confidently navigated the bank of slick glass elevators to the 14th floor. As she strode into the firm's lobby, she caught another quick glimpse of herself, adjusted her hair and thought, yikes, am I wearing too much eye shadow. Upon entering the office suite, she was ushered to a conference room where she joined the other interviewees. They nodded and smiled while sizing one another up, pretending not to be competitors. The directors to older white men entered the room. They spoke passionately about the history of the agency and shared their vision for the future of the company. As the session came to a close, the senior director slowly scanned the room and said, We have been told by interns in the past that they were disappointed by the lack of diversity in our workforce. We want you to hear it directly from us. We are working to change that promising. Jamie felt the eyes dart to and away from her so fast. It was hard to discern if it had really happened. One month later Jamie got the long anticipated call. You're in