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An adapted selection from \"Digital Filmmaking\" by Mike Figgis

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I clearly remember the sense of frustration I felt when I began making films. I've always been fascinated by process by how things work and have always asked questions. So I was hungry for information, but no one would give it to me. I've experienced a similar stonewall. When I studied music, it seemed to me that the people who knew stuff weren't crazy about passing on that knowledge. The attitude seemed to bay. That's for us to know and for you to guess. So I resorted to bookshops the sections on amateur filmmaking, how to make a Super Eight film and two magazines like Amateur Photographer. Now that I think of it, the word amateur isn't used very much anymore. Nowadays, everyone is a filmmaker. There was an interesting reason for this. Back in the day, there were two very big factors that separated the amateur from the pro money and technology. The price of a pro camera was prohibitive, and the cost of processing and post production so high that only the very rich or the very professional could afford it. But that world has now vanished, and along with it, the label amateur