Vocal Characteristics




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I don't know. She said Was it some kind of animation thing? Well, they're water animation things out there. Yeah. I mean, what? She wanted an animation thing. Personally, I don't like animation. A, you know. Sounds going too risky to me. Risky? You haven't done anything risky in your life. Well, hey, risk is sometimes a good Deng, huh? Look, one inches all sit down, take a breather and maybe they'll tell us actually, what they want before they want us to do it. But sure. Ha. They won't tell us. I never tell us. You get there, it's too late. They want this. You got that? It's too late. Don't even bother. You know he's right. We shouldn't even bother. I mean, they're not gonna tell us now. They might never tell us. Curtain we are. Just hold hands and hug and have a piece of pie in. Let it sink in for a moment. I don't know what I'm told. Things don't think in with me very well. That's because you're already sunk