Excerpt from Late in the Day

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This is an excerpt from an audiobook narration project.

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Hank Bauer looked at his rotary watch 45 seconds and time to check the pizza. He was hopeful that this time the cheese would be bubbling but not yet brown and laced with rivulets of orange drippings that oozed from the disks of Pepperoni distributed to offer 4-5 disks per slice. What he wasn't sure about, however, was the crust tricky business that he wanted its edges to bubble and as they cool to form crispy air pockets, Marilyn, his wife used yeast to produce that effect, but he couldn't remember whether it was a special kind or a special brand or both. She was full of such expertise, which always struck him as being exclusive privileges of her domain. The house, the two Children, just as he had his expertise in providing for them away from the house for eight hours each day at the aerospace company. She didn't know a stitch about thermodynamics and he was clueless about bubbling pizza dough. He was trying. Where was she when he needed her. Oh, he knew where she was. It was a place that he had heard about from the time he was a child. An exotic place. A beautiful place, A safe place or so. He'd been told year after year, sermon after sermon. He too dreamed of going there one day. They had gone to the top of the Eiffel Tower together before their two boys were born to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. When the boys were no higher than their waist, they had almost made it to the great wall of china when the boys were old enough to manage on their own. But the tour was canceled several weeks before departure because not enough people had signed up. This place was a place where it had been determined, perhaps predetermined. He thought she needed to go it alone, at least for now he missed her. He knew that she had to be enjoying herself there and thinking about him as much as he thought about her because she deserved to be thought about, but also because he missed her.