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Don't Wake the Bear Hare- children's book

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Written by Steve Smallman, Illustrated by Caroline Pedler, performed by Lauren Ashley Carter.

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it was spring party day, the best day of the year. So why were the animals trembling with fear? They'd heard growly noises and crept up to see a huge bear asleep in the old hollow tree! Oh, no! They all cried. But our parties today! How can we get ready with him in the way? I'll wake him up! Cried a little brown hair. No, no! They are whispered. Please don't wake! The bear. Bears, badger said, are enormous and hairy. If you wake them up they get angry and scary. We'll still have our party, though, if we take care, be quiet as mice, so we don't wake the bear. So they tippy toed off without making a peep to fetch party things while the bear was asleep, and the ants carried wiggling, wobbling stacks of dishes and saucers and cups on their backs, badger brought in a huge jelly dessert. Then he tripped, and it fell with a splat in the dirt, the bear stretched and grumbled, which gave them a scare! They all whispered, Please don't wake! The pair. The lanterns were carefully hung in the trees, the mice tied up ribbons that danced on the breeze. They brought in the very last blueberry tart, and their party was now almost ready to start. Then hair cried, There's only one thing left to do, and he grabbed a balloon and he blew, and he blew, and he blew, and he blew till the others cried, Stop! If it gets any bigger it's going to pop! The bear stretched and groaned, and they all held their breath. Then his eyes flickered open and scared them to death. Run run and hide! They all cried in despair. Now we're in trouble! We've woken the bear Who dares wake me up! Growled the bear angrily. Hair said in a small, shaky voice, It was me. Our party is going to start very soon. I was trying to help, but I popped my balloon. A party! Cried Bear with a grin. Could it be a big surprise party, especially for me? Oh, thank you for waking me up, little bunny, I'll come to your party and bring you some honey. And even though bear was enormous and hairy, they found he was great fun and not a bit scary. He danced and he partied with everyone there, and they all cheered hooray for our new friend, the bear.