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The relationship between early caregiver vocabulary input and subsequent child vocabulary
Research paper written by Lauren Ashley Carter and read by Lauren Ashley Carter.

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A typically developing child will say their first words between 10 and 12 months, it is around 18 months that Children will reach 50 vocabulary words. After Children acquire 50 words, the speed of acquisition increases and a child can learn a new word after having heard it only one time learning a new word involves many cognitive processes and strategies. A child must recognize the new word, attach meaning to the word and categorize the word with other words like it or differentiated from Words that are not like it. Half 2013 there is a wide variability and language acquisition amongst Children language input in the child's environment, genetic factors, cognitive processes. Individual experiences are among the range of variables that can affect a child's language development and determine whether they acquire vocabulary with more ease or difficulty and with great speed or gradually. There is also data to support that infant speech processing skills are assisted in development by direct input in their environment. The more varied the child directed speech, the greater the impact it has on a child's vocabulary. Later in life wise letter Infernal 13 2002 well known styles of language use are referential I. E. A vocabulary that mainly consists of words that are names for things a child encounters in their environment and expressive I. E. A vocabulary that consists of mainly social personal words referential and expressive. Language use is a spectrum and generally Children will be somewhere in the middle. Whether a child tends to use more object names or more social personal speech may depend on many influences the input by the mother or significant adults in the child's life birth order, the rate of development of the child's cognitive processes and personal agency Hoff 2013. This is important to consider when creating strategies to help Children with vocabulary acquisition? Is the child leaning more heavily on one style over another? And if so, why?