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Sample Commercials featuring AirBnB, Land-O-Lakes, Hennessy, Amazon, & Sprouts

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If you want to Airbnb your place but are worried about a little merlot turning into a little uh we have your back with the protection of air cover, you know what's keeping that sandwich together right? A cheese fortress. That's what all four sides guarded top and bottom lock down. You know if you reinforce that fortress, you'd be giving more back to the farmer owner behind the cheese, eat it like you own it Land O lakes in 19 21 some tried to erase the movement setting fire to Black Wall street to destroy black wealth. Black success, Black excellence but they failed. We at Hennessey are inspired by the black entrepreneurs euros then and who continue to rise. Hennessy never stop, never settled. They say a penny saved is a penny earned but they don't say the best way to do that is with free shipping on orders of $25 a more at amazon. It's like be more specific proverb guys, this has been another valuable lesson from amazon, spend less smile more heritage. It means everything to us at sprouts. It's the backbone to our values and to our promise. We've always believed in healthy living with good natural food at affordable prices for everyone come in and experience fresh and natural. The way it's always been at sprouts