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insects are all around death. Butterflies flit through flower gardens. Mosquitoes bite ants marched down sidewalks and cicadas buzz in trees. In fact, insects make up about 80% of the species on Earth. They play an important part in the environment, too. Some of their roles include pollinating flowers and decomposing dead organisms. The car wasn't moving fast enough. The Henderson family was heading to their favorite picnic spot, and they were all very hungry. The grilled chicken, potato salad, apple pie, watermelon and lemonade were all jiggling around in the trunk. It was making Kevin's mouth water Use elimination To solve this system of equations for X y and z two x minus y plus the equals negative nine three X plus two y minus four z equals negative 14 x plus the equals negative two type the correct answer in each box. Which number sentence shows the correct way to break apart tens and ones to solve the following problem. 38 plus 64