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Documentary Narration - UK/British

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Narration for Documentary on Historically significant sites in the UK.

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English (British)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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around the chapel. Other remains of eight rock cut graves, six to the west of the chapel and two to the east. Thes graves are unique in Britain and their function not properly understood. I think several of them a body shaped and have rock cut sockets, which were possibly for wooden crosses, and it is likely that they would have originally been covered with heavy stone slabs. Thie graves are orientated west east, which suggests Christian burial graves. However, they're too small to contain whole adult burials unless the bodies were broken and forced into the available space a practise which is not unheard off in the early Christian period. Perhaps more likely is that the graves functioned is reliquaries to hold the remains of saints and other important Christian figures, perhaps even those of ST Patrick himself.