Home Before Midnight

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This was a scary movie from the 80s i was asked to recreate had a lot of fun doing it. Hope you dig it!

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home before midnight. Mhm. All Jessica wants is a normal prom night. Once the clock strikes 12, the killing begins, who will make it back alive? Only one will make it back alive. Yeah, it's time to come home. Nothing good ever happens after midnight, Jessica just wants the type of love she hears on the radio. But she got a whole different story. This dreamy date turned nightmare. This prom night a night to remember For all but one without knowing this number up on the killer's hunting grounds home before midnight is this year's most terrifying motion pictures on this date. The hardest thing to do is survive. They thought they were alone. They were wrong, dead wrong. You'll see their terror. You'll feel their horror more horrifying than you could possibly imagine. Someone is hiding, someone is waiting. Someone is watching. If you survive it, they'll never forget. Are you ready home before midnight coming soon? Yeah. Yeah.