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Created VO commercials for various brands including Coors Light, Dove Dark Chocolate, Bantu Hair Products, Publix, Acura, etc.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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cold filtered for fresh crisp taste cold package to keep it that way. Coors light dove dark chocolate, chews a pleasure less ordinary. What is it with your natural hair that makes people you and I and stop and stare afro puffs and braids and locks, coils and twists and Bantu knots. Hey hon don't forget my parents are coming over for dinner and they love it when you cook your crab dish already and make sure it's public seafood because their crab is always fresh, never frozen. It tastes like they caught it themselves. Kind of like how I caught you. Imagine A. D. N. A. Test that could reveal as much about your past as your future because knowing where you came from is wonderful. But knowing where you could go that's powerful helix. Follow your D. N. A. The Acura Rdx with its 10 speed transmission and Apple Watch navigation. Meet the future Acura If it's a global economy, why are you still banking around the corner? Ally Online Bank.