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Compilation of different English Voice Samples including:
Exotic Pet Parade
Grammar Book
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Young Adult (18-35)


German, North American


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Do you remember parasailing off the coast of Jamaica? The way the water sparkled below a beautiful green blue, radiant of ocean, the rush of the wind lifting you as you are literally flying the sound of the air gliding against the silken canopy off your sale. Do you remember? No. Make memories for your senses. Travel. It's the time of the year you've all been waiting for. Three. Exotic Pet Parade is here this Saturday. Bring your lizards, iguanas and rare birds to strut their stuff at the fifth annual Market Circle Exotic Pet Parade. Or just come and watch all the action, all sizes and kinds of pizza. Welcome. Just be sure to register online at peppery dot com First, following the Cabinet reshuffle, the queen will lay out the government's policies in a speech in Parliament on Thursday. Later this week, Johnson is expected to propose a set of bills to make good on his promise to get Brexit done by the end of January. Deliberations on the bills are expected to proceed smoothly now that his party has secured a comfortable majority in the House of Commons. After leaving, the U. K will have to negotiate a free trade pact with the you. The minister in charge of the impact of Brexit, Michael Gove, said on in TV news program on Sunday that the government will conclude its negotiations with EU about the next framework of free trade by the end of next year. Once upon a time, the king's youngest son became filled with a desire to go abroad and see the world. He got his father's permission to leave on an adventure, kissed his parents goodbye, mounted his black horse and galloped away down the high road. Soon the great towers of the old castle in which he had born disappeared behind him. Directions a word or phrase is missing in each. Off the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence, then mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. Number one on one. Customer reviews indicate that many modern mobile devices are often unnecessarily blank. A complication be complicates. See Complicate and D Complicated number one or two. Jamal News at has received top performance