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English, fintech video voiceovers, product voiceovers

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Voice Over • Video Narration


Main voiceover for company brand overview and product offering.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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big news coming from the team behind floki E News, they announced plans to restructure to a decentralized organization, also known as a dow floki, is a meme coin that's quickly risen in popularity due to their aggressive marketing campaigns and drive to add value for their community developers shared three main factors that paved the way for this decision. First, transitioning to a dow works to ensure that floki sees more mainstream adoption and is able to list on mainstream centralized exchanges. Second, dow structures are currently trending with finance coin whose symbol is B and B adopting this model, as well as other major crypto exchanges, announcing their intent to focus on a dow structure. And lastly, the floki team reports that transitioning to a dow has always been a part of their business model. Next steps for floki include a phase transition to this model, as well as providing token holders to influence key decisions by providing voting access to key floki governance decisions.