Audio Book Demo - 2019



A sample from Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' - a recent 55,000 word audio book voice over.

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Vera Clay Thorne lay in bed. The candle still burns beside her and yet she could not summon the courage to put it out. She was afraid of the dark. She told herself again and again. You all right? Until morning? Nothing happened last night. Nothing will happen tonight. Nothing can happen. You're locked and bolted in. No one can come near you. And she thought suddenly, of course I can stay here. Stay here. Locked in food. Doesn't really matter. I can stay here safely till help comes. Even if it's a day or two days. Stay here. Yes, but could she stay here hour after hour with no one to speak to with nothing to do but think she'd begin to think of Cornwall of Hugo off of what she'd said to Cyril. Horrid, whiny little boy always pestering her. Miss Clay Thorne. Why can't I swim out to the rock? I can. I know I can. Was it her voice that had answered? Of course you can, Serial. Really? I know that. Can I go then? Miss Clay Thorne? Well, you'll see, Cyril, your mother gets so nervous about you. I'll tell you what tomorrow you can swim out to the Rock. I'll talk to her mother on the beach and distract her attention. And then when she looks for you there you'll be standing on the rock waving to her. It'll be a surprise. Oh, good egg. Miss Clay thought that will be a log. She had said it. Now, tomorrow Hugo was going to new key. When he came back, it would be all over. Yes, but supposing it wasn't supposing it went wrong. Cyril might be rescued in time. And then? Then he'd say, Miss Clayton said I could. Well, what off it? One must take some risk. If the worst happened, she'd brazen it out. How can you tell such a wicked lie, Cyril? Of course. I never said such anything.