The Adventures of Venessa & Teddy

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A sample from the children's book The Adventures of Veness & Teddy

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Chapter one Vanessa in a forest with green grass, tall trees and where the river is a clean, crisp blue lives a bunny named Vanessa. Vanessa is a small, light, strawberry pink bunny with long floppy ears, big black eyes and a white fluffy tail. Vanessa loves to explore the unknown. If she smells anything that would lead her to an adventure, she's right there ready to jump on the opportunity of going wherever the wind takes her. If Vanessa is not exploring or going on adventures, she can be found playing with her friends most of the time today is no different than any other day. While her mother was tending to the garden, she was playing the big chase with her butterfly friend, Vanessa. Can you come help me with the garden for a second? Her mother called Okay. Vanessa turns to her friend. I'll be right back with that. Vanessa took off to assist her mother.