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today's business aviation operators air challenged with countless complexities and unexpected disruptions. And to complicate issues, Business fliers and their schedules could be extremely demanding. As with any business, planning and preparation are the backbone to running a smooth operation. But what happens when a crew member is sick or has a personal emergency? What happens when an airplane part breaks and the replacement can't be delivered until tomorrow and the flight departs today? And what about implement weather? What do you do when disruptions halt your operation? And you have customers who need to be somewhere on their schedule? Jefferson Solver is a powerful optimization engine capable of solving complex scheduling scenarios. In Minutes Solver analyzes thousands of variables such a scheduling data, operational preferences for aircraft and crew utilization as well as customer preferences. Solver then calculates multiple scenarios that are FAA and Yasa compliant. To provide optimal scheduling solutions solvers optimization engine could be used to find the most cost effective and optimized solutions at every phase of the flight scheduling process. Whether that's the planning, preparation or disruption, recovery, management phase, days, weeks or even months before a flight Planning with solver makes scheduling an airplane in its crew. Simple by taking into account airplane maintenance schedules, crew scheduling rules and relocation policies solvers ability to generate multiple options can provide the most optimized solutions for operations, along with feasible and competitive charter quotes for the sales team the day before, a flight is typically an operations preparation phase. Solver can quickly analyze the entire flight scheduled to ensure all components are ready for the day of operation. If a change does need to be made, solver can quickly generate new options based on the available data, providing the most optimal solution while keeping the flight on schedule. Disruption. Recovery is crucial for smooth operations and customer satisfaction. Disruptions such as adverse weather, mechanical failure or crew issues typically occur the day of the flight, leaving the operation staff little if any time. To manually calculate a solution. Solver will analyze all available data and regulations and generate several options within minutes. Keeping disruption management simple and allowing your operation staff more time to focus on keeping your customers happy. Jefferson Solvers Optimization engine offers the business aviation operation a multitude of benefits benefits such as reduced operating costs, improved fleet utilization, quick disruption, recovery as well as crew staff and customer satisfaction solver is a simple ad on Integrated with Jefferson Operator through the OPS Manager Scheduling interface toe, learn more about solver and the benefits it could bring to your operation. Please contact your Jefferson representative today. Jefferson Solver Complex flight and crew schedule optimization made simple.