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over shares, anonymous is brought to you by Zana's Media network. With support from Starbucks and their global effort to stop social media over sharers. You can find more at Starbucks dot com slash stop over sharers. I never do it in the actual point of vulnerability. Why do people decide to post all this stuff that they should be talking to therapists about on their facebook? That is like kind of over sharing the reason, you know that there's only one comment on it from a woman named Karen for once we are celebrating Karen's over sharers anonymous. I just want my life to be over. I failed at everything I've ever attempted. I was a lousy teacher, a lousy wife and a lousy stepmother and my parents remind me of that every chance they get. I'm even a terrible housekeeper. My cats deserve better than me, john my fiance deserves better than me. Although according to my brother, I've lowered my standards to be with him because he's not worthy of being with someone in our family. Welcome to overshare is anonymous. My name's Miles Shuman. And that was a real facebook post by a former teacher of mine. Now, this specific teacher decides to put her entire life on facebook. We were there through the divorce. We were there through the relationships in between the divorce and meeting john who she met on facebook by the way. Now with john, he eventually met another woman on facebook and the teacher did not like that so much. So she went in and she took screenshots of his messages with the other woman and posted all of those on facebook. That's where I got the idea for overshare is anonymous. Why do people decide to post all this stuff that they should be talking to therapists about on their facebook? For some reason, they've decided that it's okay to use facebook as a therapist. And this mostly goes for what we would call the boomer generation. But as we'll get into, that does not mean that the younger millennial and gen z generations do not overshare on social media, they just do it in a different way. So it's time. Let's get into it. It's our first oa meeting. Let's meet heather Having a hard time making up with the little SIS. She says I've been useless for 10 years. Okay. Where were you whenever any pet died. Thanks for being there for dad though. But other than that, you're a selfish client and business and family stealing? Little bit find that ******* jacket. Heather. Now when it comes to over sharing on facebook, it's a bit of a spectrum. There's somebody like the aforementioned teacher who you just kind of feel bad for you hope they're doing okay and you hope maybe they seek out help or something. But then there's somebody like heather who just kind of gives vague little details like this and you're just kind of left filling in the blank. I know nothing about the ******* jacket. But I listen, I hope the sister finds it. I also want to know where the sister was whenever any pet died because clearly heather is still pretty angry over that. Now. How do people react to these kind of posts? Well, there's only one comment on it from a woman named Karen and it says I understand, but why are you posting this? It's bpm. Exactly. Karen, for once we are celebrating Karen's Now, here's heather's response and this is going to give us some insight into an over sharer because that's who I was that day. L. O. L. I do my best to keep ship private, but every once in a while I just need to post a song or a pick here or there or something like this. Thanks for reminding me, let me know if you come to the beach area ever stay cool. Now, if we analyze that comment, we can kind of see that. It actually helped her feel better that day. There's something oddly therapeutic about posting their lives on social media for some people. So to answer the question as to why I tried contacting several over shares including the teacher and heather, but neither of them wanted to take part. So I was able to get ahold of laurel who's an old family friend and she also posts way too much on social media about her personal life, if I'm being honest, but she did not want to have any of her post read. She only wanted to do the interview. So that was a fair change and she breaks it down quite simply for us. They, you know, people just don't care that they do something to you and I think they should and that's what it's all about. It's about getting the attention of somebody, usually one specific person and if their mutual friends don't see it, they will see it themselves. And I guess that's the benefit to baby boomers posting way too much about their lives on social media. So that's where we should draw the line with them because there's a lot of over sharing that goes on in the millennial and gen Z generations to let Start by hearing a little bit from Neil Degrasse Tyson. Now we have a next generation of people, anyone 20 and under under where everybody knows everything about them, they've got pictures at parties, you know, flashing each other doing shots and these are pictures that are now permanently available on the Internet now as a 20 and under. I can say that I do not have pictures of me flashing anybody or taking shots at least not in the same picture. All jokes aside though, he's absolutely correct. That's the difference between the baby boomer over sharers and the millennial and gen Z over sharers, one of them post way too much about their personal life the other post way too much about their social life, but of course, there's also some personal life thrown in there. I mean, we've all seen people post just black screens on Snapchat that say don't text and quite frankly, I've never texted, but somebody out there probably does and it's always for a specific person, it's the same type of thing as over sharing on facebook. So let's call another o a meeting this time for the younger crowd. And I've got an interesting case. It's actually a pretty common case because you see a lot of these, especially on Snapchat, let's meet thomas now, thomas is 20 years old. He has his entire future ahead of him. He's looking to get into marketing and he probably has a pretty good shot. However, he posts videos of him smoking marijuana on his Snapchat every day and by traditional standards, this is a no, no. So I called up thomas and I, I asked him why do you do this? Let's hear what he said when you were really young, he was like, look, I'm cool on smoking. And then as we're getting older, it's kind of like, you know, the sharing process of just that is like our version of kind of just over sharing stuff for no reason, you know, that sort of thing. Straight and simple. It's not about getting attention from anybody, it is just the sharing process. Now, another part of the sharing process comes from twitter and on twitter is where a lot of people in the millennial and gen z generations overshare. So here. I have a case of a guy named Andrew now Andrew over shares on twitter in a very common way. He sub tweets and a sub tweet for those who don't know is basically when you just put out a little obscure tweet, doesn't really directly go towards anybody, but it's about somebody and here's an example of Andrew's sub tweet. I thought it would be easy, but now I miss her. **** man, I'm just gonna stay depressed. It's so much easier when you don't feel ship bro, L. O L. So I'm thinking he might not have meant the L. O. L. All that much, but I would like to note that this was on a public twitter, anybody could find this puts it out there into the public and this is where the two generations overlap. Like I said over sharing on social media is a spectrum, you remember heather who over shared on facebook but gave less details than the school teacher at the beginning. Well Andrew kind of calls right before heather in the sense that he's just putting out this simple statement and it overall serves the same purpose in the sense that they are looking to get somebody's attention. I called up Andrew hoping to get some answers and well, here's what he said, I never do it in the actual point of vulnerability. I just do it after just so I can, like I have an idea of what I was thinking like to me, I use twitter more like a mood board in a way to like see what I was thinking at a point in time, and I kind of just like make a word that was, you know what? Andrew just told us. Actually gives us some insight into every single type of over sharer, whether it be the school teacher who likes to post everything on facebook or thomas, the stoner who likes to post videos of himself having fun. There's an old school equivalent in the sixties, a stoner probably would have kept photos of himself partaking in the act in a scrapbook, whereas that school teacher back in the day probably kept a diary. Really. Social media is the modern day diary. That brings us to the end of this week's episode of over sharers anonymous. I'm miles Shuman. Thank you so much for listening. We're on social media if you want to follow us, and we don't overshare facebook twitter and instagram and by some of our merch support the show over shares, anonymous dot com. I do not have pictures of me flashing anybody or taking shots, at least not in the same picture