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Alice in Wonderland, English edition

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A small sample of voicing audio books for children

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End)


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Alice in Wonderland. The previous flowers in the garden where the roses There were some on a small tree. Ali stopped to look at them. There were white roses, but three gardeners were working hard, trying to make them look red. Why are they doing that? Alice wondered. She went near them. Please, can you tell me? She asked. Why are you making those roses red? The three gardeners looked very unhappy. You tell her 71 of them said No, said seven. You tell her five, but five said no, you tell her to. Two looked even more unhappy, but he began. Well, miss this, Um, this tree should be a red rose tree. If the queen sees white roses on it, she'll she'll have a heads cut off. So we're trying to make them read before she comes. Five was looking across the garden, and just then he cried out, Oh, the queen! The Queen