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welcome to another episode of On the Adventure Trail. Today we will meet up with Bart. Lancaster is a hunts for goat in the unforgiving coastal mountains of British Columbia, but first al Coots hunts for big sheep in the valleys of Asia. Now let's rejoin out in the rugged terrain of Mongolia. Get ready for an exciting hunt for Marco Polo sheep in the snowy valleys of Kyrgyzstan. Now let's join Bart Lancaster as he hunts for goat in the coastal mountains of British Columbia. Welcome to on the Adventure Trail Today will be black bear hunting with Bart Lancaster and Central British Columbia. But first, let's join Ken Wilson on the road in the Premier Mountains of southeast Tajikistan, where massive Marco Polo sheet a wait. Let's rejoin Ken and his guide showed Ian the snowy hills and valleys of Tajikistan. Now let's make our way across the Pacific and meet up with Barton Stand Lancaster, where they are right behind an enormous black bear