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Five examples of narrational and instructional voice acting

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It began with the seed of an idea in 1902 the Heartland eded folks to embrace new advances in agriculture. But leaders with open minds, strong hearts and willing hands worked in abundance. Luckily, kids were by empowering the next generation to lead four h took root and grew grew kids who are confident and strong who are curious enough to question and capable enough to find the answer. True leaders aren't born. They're grow four each groves here, whether you're young or old, male or female, single or with a family. This video is for and about you. That's because Social Security has programs that affect everybody. Thinks presentation was prepared by the Social Security Administration and tells you what you need to know about Social Security while still working and what you need to know when it's your turn to collect benefits. E City turns 200 this year, so why should that be of any interest to you? Well, in that time, there have been some good days and some difficult ones, but through it all, we persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history to install a new capsule into your air purifier switched the unit off, then removed the new capsule from its protective wrapping opened the capsule, capped by turning in the direction opposite to that indicated by the arrow on the cap. Insert the capsule in the cap until the tabs catch the cap. Insert the complete capsule cap into the air purifier, turned the cap in the direction of the arrow and then switch the unit back on. Amelia Earhart dared to go where no one had gone before. The public adored the pioneering pilot and newsreels of the day, captured her every move. Yet the private side of Amelia would always remain an enigma. On July 2nd, 1937 Amelia Earhart and Fred Newman disappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean during their attempted around the world flight.